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Alaska Renewables is a small renewable energy development company based in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Founded in early 2021, we are part of the Alaskan community and are passionate about understanding and responding to its vision and needs.  Community is the foundation upon which successful renewable energy projects are built, and we pride ourselves on taking a collaborative approach that addresses community concerns while bringing environmentally responsible and locally sensible projects to fruition.  We take the time to share what a renewable energy project can mean for our community and learn how it can best align with the community’s diverse values, stakeholders, and needs.  We also acknowledge and honor the Alaska Native peoples upon whose ancestral lands we live and work, specifically the Dené Athabascans of the Lower Tanana Valley.


For years, Alaskans have been asking and searching for solutions to our energy, economic, and environmental challenges.  Alaska Renewables aims to answer that need by delivering clean, competitive renewable projects that create jobs, increase grid resiliency, and provide a sustainable energy supply for Alaska that will reduce energy costs while protecting the environment.


While we are currently very early in the development process, there will be numerous public engagements over the coming months and years. 


In the meantime, we would love to hear from you, whether it is to share your excitement for our mission, offer a suggestion, ask a question, voice a concern, request to speak with us directly, or just to stay informed about our latest news.  We are here to serve our community.  


Reach out to us by filling out the form on our Contact page.

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